The Ecotechnology Laboratory is involved in research on the quantity, quality and dynamics of gaseous emissions from deposited and processed biowaste, organic fertilizers, fertilized soil, etc. Various reactors and aerodynamic tunnels (including a Lockyer tunnel) are used to this extent. The composition of the emissions is determined with the use of a Geotech GA5000 gas analyzer that is certified according to the following standards ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIA T1 Gb (Ta = -10°C do +50°C), IECEx, CSA and UKAS ISO 17025. The analysical ranges of the sensors are: O2 0-25%; CO2 0-100%; CH4 0-100%; NH3 0-1000 ppm and H2S 0-10 000 ppm. The analyzer is calibrated on a weekly basis with the use of calibration mixtures supplied by Air Products. The concentration used for calibration are: 65% of CH4 and 35% of CO2 (in a single mixture); 500 ppm H2S and 100 ppm NH3. The oxygen sensor is calibrated with synthetic air. In specific cases, the analyzes may be performed with the use of a gas chromatograph.