The operation of the Ecotechnology Laboratory is based on DIN 38 414/S8 and VDI 4630 German standards. It is equipped with over 220 batch and 6 continuous reactors that allow to conduct experiments in mesophilic and thermophilic temperatures in both wet and dry technologies. Available analytical instruments permit on-site analysis of the most significant physicochemical parameters (pH, conductance, redox potential, FOS/TAC, COD, mineral and total nitrogen content, total carbon content, dry matter, dry organic matter) and the quality of biogas (EnviSense gas chromatograph and Geotech GA5000 portable gas analyzer).  The quality of our analyzes was confirmed in comparative studies conducted in cooperation with certified German laboratories. This also lead to numerous publications of international impact.

It also deserves to be stressed out that the head of the Ecotechnology Laboratory – professor Jacek Dach – is a member of the scientific boards of two prominent biogas laboratories, the Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ) in Leipzig (Germany) that is responsible for the monitoring of the German biogas market – the largest in Europe, and the Key Laboratory of Clean Production and Utilization of Renewable Energy (CPURE) in Beijing (China), that serves the largest biogas market of the World. The standards of these institutions were also implemented in the Ecotechnology Laboratory.